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About me

If you are like me, you have dreams and desires of exploring the outdoor world. I find my dreams and bring them to reality on the screen or in print.


Every night when I get in bed I visualize somewhere I would love to be, (for some reason a lot of the time it is Germany) I am not sure exactly why and I have not traveled there as of yet. I close my eyes put the picture in my mind and more often than not I dream about that exact destination. It is almost like being on vacation for an evening.


The only problem I have with this is that when I wake up I want to physically travel to these places. Within these dreams there is also the reality of life. Most of us have 9-5 jobs and can’t drop everything and hop on a plane to follow our dream. This is why I love taking photos, not only does it allow me to explore new places, I now have those memories right in front of me and I can share them with you. I hope that one of my photos will grab you in some way or maybe you have been to a place that i have photographed and it will bring some good feelings rushing back.


I am a self trained photographer based out of Kirkland, Washington. I have been taking photos for most of my life but did not really start exploring the different facets of it until 2010. I had a small point and shoot camera like most people did before the advent of the cell camera. I was always bothered that when i was trying to shoot someone or something in movement it was blurry or not very sharp, i always thought i was just too darn shaky. I came to realize it wasn’t me it was the camera and in particular shutter speed.  I started to delve into how to solve this problem which is very simple once I figured it out after that I was hooked. I started reading books and doing alot of research online.  I started out making  books to take into the field with me. I would get out there with my camera and go step by step through the book until I had it down. My first book was all about shutter speed and slowing down water to give it the silky look. After a few months of practice I made an aperture book and went through the same process. My last book was both aperture and shutter speed combined or what is better known as manual mode. From there it has been alot of practice in the field.