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Jamie MacIsaac



I was born in the mid winter of 1973. I grew up in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington.  I.... wait, hold up! you don't want to hear the story of my life or the ups and downs of adolesence. I do think what you have come here for is to hear about my background in photography and how we might relate in the realm of photography whether it be us doing a workshop together, maybe some part of my photography story will ring true to you or maybe you just want to see who takes the pics. In any case here is my story.


The 80's

The first photo of any significance to me was one I took at 9 years old, perched high above Cannon beach, Oregon at Ecola State park. My parents loved the photo. They had it framed and it was up in their house until they moved. I was and still am very proud of that photo. Not because it was some amazing feet of photography mastery but because it did what a photo should do. It evoked an emotion, it brought me back and most importantly it made me happy.

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I messed around with a point and shoot, taking pics of friends and random subjects. Nothing that would suggest I wanted to take up photography as anything but a few snaps here and there. until 2007-2008 I didn't know much about the workings of a camera. No idea about shutter speed or aperture. I was always having problems with blurry pics. I got frustrated and decided to delve into it a bit. After a little bit of searching i discovered my problem was with shutter speed. Even the point and shoots back then were lacking a bit in the way of settings. I decided to throw a little bit of money down on a Sony a100 dslr. Along with the camera i bought a book on how to use the camera. For whatever reason I got completely enthralled studying the camera book "as boring as that may seem" and this is one thing I tell to beginners STUDY THAT BOOK. It will not only tell you almost everything you need to know about the workings of your camera but it really can tell you if it is something that you are going to want to take more seriously. For me it did anyway.



The landscape photography pull has a grasp on me and I start traveling further to explore and shoot, first to the Bisti badlands in New Mexico and then Monument valley. I want to know how certain photographers do things in the field and in photoshop. I start emailing bigger name photographers and asking about workshops and how they do certain things. Most of the time i got the cold shoulder. I get it, some no name guy that wants to know how you do things. I just wanted to know so badly. For me nowadays I get those emails sometimes and I get back to them and i point them in the right direction and give them some insight. It was a good lesson for me at the time that i needed to take some workshops and start honing my editing skills. From there it has been tons of studying in books, online and getting out and shooting.


2013 - Present

I have traveled extensively. learned a ton and have been conducting workshops. I have been featured on numerous websites. My photos are displayed in many locations around the u.s. and abroad. I am also a brand Ambassador for the clothing company Tentree